The Legend of Iridescence
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"Your CD is unbelievably powerful, intense, emotional, deep feeling, spectacular, moving, EXCELLENT!!! I am incredibly impressed with the depth of your emotions. The music is a magnificent accompaniment to the message. I love the 7 sisters. The mystery serpent is sensational. The categories of feeling are so very very deep and profound. The beautiful clear bell at the end is perfect... just perfect! WOW!!!"
~Becky Austill-Clausen

"I listened to your wonderful CD. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I am undergoing testing for numbness/tingling in my extremities with no clear diagnosis. Your presence struck me when we met - you exude calm and clarity - things I am desperately trying to hold onto! Your CD only strengthened my initial feeling. Thank you for sharing your story and talent with the world! Your story is quite inspirational."
~Lynn Lopez

"Bravo! The CD is just thrilling. The music, the images, the poetry and the personal stories told with courage and honesty - all riveting, with some truly inspiring moments. You and your very capable supporting cast did an extraordinary job. It was my pleasure to listen to this creative contribution to the 'healing arts.'"
~Austra Gaige

"The depth of meaning behind the music and words in Iridescence is incredible. The CD gives the listener a memorably different experience each time it's heard. The songs that are discordant psychologically mirror the discord physically. As the roots spread, so does the fear and anger. And then as the symptoms disappear, for an unknown but hopefully long timespan, there's gratitude, peace and joy that comes with the unknowing safety of a full exhalation."
~Cynthia Lynn

"I listened to your CD right away. In fact, I've listened to it twice and am ready for a third. Each time I listen to it, I gain a new insight and am further drawn into the story. Your narration is very expressive and heartfelt. I just love everything about it, especially its universal appeal. It's not just a story about someone with MS. It's about how we each have the power to bring ourselves to a beautiful place in life, despite the most devastating challenges and obstacles we may encounter. I am in awe of your amazing creative abilities and how beautifully you utilized the music and spoken imagery to paint a vivid story in the listener's mind. It is truly inspiring!"
~Maria Damore

"Your work is such an inspiration to me. I have been listening to your CD. The journey of healing and transformation, the confrontation with the forces of pain and negation, the power of memory... memory's role in the process as such a crucial element, and the importance of a guiding and confirming community of women. All of this as you envision and enact it is deep soul work and so awesome."
~Heather Thomas

"The CD is wonderful and appropriate for anyone. I listened to it twice and it was even better the second time. The third time I will listen with a notebook and pen and write down statements. Wings of a Dove was my favorite. I could see the women dancing around you."
~Cindy Knauer

"I listened to your CD last night and it was inspiring and cleansing at the same time. Your story brought tears to my eyes and yet imparted hope and a sense of support that surrounds and is open to us at all times if we just grasp it. I too need to journey to find the light of my higher nature and this was a wonderful beginning. Thank you for sharing your wisdom."
~Ralia Vardaxis

"What you have created in 'The Legend of Iridescence' is beautiful, heartfelt and truly a legacy. I feel privileged to share all that you have put into this project."
~Judi Blimline